Clarity is essential in everyone's life!

Claritas is an Holistic based practice striving for peace of mind and tranquillity for the Soul. Utilising the Tarot as a medium for guidance and wisdom, the main purpose of Claritas is to assist people along their Life Path, to help bring understanding and clarity to the day to day challenges and experiences that face us throughout our Lifetime.


Having unclear parts to someone's Life makes them feel incomplete and insecure. Knowledge has the power and ability to enable people to become more aware of their Lifes journey. Having even a small amount of that power can bring someone moments of joy. Happiness comes from people having the ability to understand themselves and move forward with it. Remaining still for too long takes away the happiness factor and makes everything appear like it can't move forward. Clarity brings all these things together in ways that people can only imagine, but crave on a regular basis.


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it's not for us to forecast the future but to help shape it!

Claritas was founded by Holistic Therapist, Tam Brown, who offers spiritual counselling and coaching as well as life path guidance, utilising her extensive knowledge of the Tarot. Tam is a natural Empath with the ability to read and fully understand others on a much deeper level. She has combined this gift with her vast knowledge and understanding of the Tarot and it’s profound life lessons and applies them to her readings and sessions. Having had a deep understanding of her life purpose from a young age, Tam has made it her life work to empower others and to help them find clarity and peace of mind so that they may progress along their Life Path and have a deeper more meaningful life. She has filtered this purpose into her everyday life and into the work she does.