Welcome to Claritas an Holistic based practice striving for peace of mind and tranquility for the Soul. Claritas has the philosophy that Life is not complicated, Humans are, and from this, we look to simplify our understanding of Life and our Purpose here. Learn more about Claritas here.

Claritas was founded by Holistic Therapist, Tam Brown, who offers Spiritual Counseling, Life Path Guidance and Energy Healing, she also hosts regular Courses in the Arts of Tarot and Crystal Therapy. Tam is a natural Empath with the ability to read and fully understand others on a much deeper level. She has combined this gift with her vast knowledge and understanding of the Tarot and it’s profound Life Lessons and applies them to her Sessions. You can learn more about Tam Brown here.


A combination of Crystal Healing and Reiki principles and techniques. An Energy Healing Session can help combat the toxic build-up from day to day stresses while realigning the Chakras and cleansing the Aura. Energy Healing can assist with healing past traumas, karmic release and removal of old emotional baggage. Can be effective for pain relief and can boost your healing process from physical ailments. Read more…


Gain a deeper understanding of the challenges Life hands you and their purpose. A session can bring greater clarity to a situation which in turn can give you peace of mind and help you to heal, process and progress. Spiritual Guidance Sessions are great for assisting you with a healing process, progressing along your Spiritual Path or to help grow and fine tune your gifts. Read more…


If you are needing guidance or direction on a certain aspect of your life or even multiple aspects, a Tarot Reading can assist in receiving answers. Guidance can be given for relationships, career, finances, business, spiritual path and more. The Tarot is used predominantly to give guidance and clarity on a situation. Read more…

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