My Lessons From The Tarot

freedomMy journey with the Tarot up till now has been more than enlightening, it’s been frustrating, inspiring, beautiful and even annoying. But one thing has been a constant, over the years the Tarot has taught numerous valuable Life lessons, whether these came from actual readings done for me, readings I had done for myself or from studying and teaching the Tarot. These are my top three lessons that the Tarot has taught me.

Care less, live more – I found that it’s almost human nature to always want to know what to expect. We’re not just curious about what lies around the next corner, for some of us it’s a very serious matter knowing what the future holds. For many years I would stress about tomorrow, next week, five years time and found that looking back on my Life I hadn’t really lived. Sure I’d had some great experiences and seen and done some awesome things, but at the end of the day the majority of my Life had been one big obsession with “What’s Next?” This lesson originally stemmed from my study of the Fool card. Care free and at ease with World, the Fool has no worries or concerns and is happy to leap of the proverbial cliff and see where the jump takes them. The Fool is not concerned with what tomorrow holds, heck the Fool isn’t really phased with what the next hour holds. One of most beautiful lessons the Fool has taught me is that Life will happen regardless, don’t sweat the small stuff, take that leap and deal with what comes along as it arrives. It makes Life feel a lot fuller, less stressful and makes for one helluva journey.

There are no missing pieces – We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience and sure the road ahead will not be an easy one, but one we are more than capable of dealing with it. If we can learn to understand our true power and how to wield it with the tools we have been handed, our journey will not be one of hardships and pain, but rather one of revelations and awe inspiring experiences. When we arrive in this World we given the exact same tools and power as everyone else, we are all equal. Granted our experiences may be different and all of us unique, but we all get to step off the same starting block. This lesson I gained from Magician, he reminds us that we are in fact infinite in our power and we have everything we need in order to make the most our Journey. A Pentacle to teach us about joy, being down to earth and it give us an understanding of the material and the level of respect needed in order to use this tool wisely. A Wand to teach of our ability to create our own realities, to wield into existence everything we could possible want and need and to teach us about self-discipline. A Cup filled with our core emotions and the ability to control and understand them, the Cup teaches us to follow that gut feeling and to trust our Intuition. A Sword is then handed to us so that we may cut through the clutter and gain strength and clarity of mind and assist in balancing our ego / Soul relationship. These gifts have been handed to all of us, to be utilized to their fullest and it is how we use these gifts that determines how we respond to our paths and lessons. If you are like me a few years ago, feeling empty, unfufilled and lost then this lesson may bring you just as much value as it has brought me. We are not empty, we have no voids that need to be filled. We are complete and we have everything that could possibly need and want. We are whole.

Fear of being human – We all strive to be the best that we can be, but often our fears of failure and making mistakes holds us back from living a full life. This lesson I gained from the Devil, yes serious I did. In days of old the Devil was used to instill fear into us and that makes the Devil a great teacher. His core lesson for me was that we are not bound by fears and anxieties, we create these for ourselves and we are more than capable of removing them. How else are we meant to learn and reach that next level of Enlightenment and understanding if we are going to avoid making mistakes. The Devil has taught me that we need to learn from our own experiences and that there is no such thing as a bad decision or a mistake only growth and knowledge. So don’t let your fears hold you back any longer, remove the bonds that you have created for yourself and start living and learning.

My Journey is not even half way, but I intend to make the most of what is left. Taking just these three lessons with me I know that my Journey forward will be an epic one. Be carefree as the fool, utilise your infinite power and beautiful gifts and don’t the Devil called fear get in your way.


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