Coping With Being An Empath

Empath01Being an Empath is both a blessing and a curse. You have the ability to not only feel other people’s’ thoughts, emotions and energies, but you’re also capable of absorbing them as well. This can often leave you feeling drained, depressed and exhausted. A lot of the reason for this is because you don’t even realise that you are feeling someone else’s feelings or thoughts and you’re not able to really disassociate from them as you have taken them on as your own. The other reason for this is your worry and concern for the other person and the challenge they are facing. The blessing in all this is the gift of truly being able to understand and relate to another person. Here are some helpful tools to make being an Empath more of a blessing than a curse.


When you feel emotions or have thoughts that seem like they’re not your own, or don’t make sense to you, invariably you are picking up on someone else. The best way to deal with this is to try to find the source of these feelings or thoughts, who are you actually picking up. From here you can acknowledge these thoughts or feelings as belonging to them and that they are not yours. Dissociating from those feelings or thoughts is a lot easier to do now that you can understand who they belong to and that they are not yours to deal with.

Earthly Assistance

There are certain crystals and minerals that can assist an Empath greatly.

Grounding & Centering

Grounding is where you realign your spiritual and physical self so that are balances with one another. By grounding yourself, you will begin to feel more centered and in control. There are a few ways to ground yourself, grounding meditations, spend a bit time in nature, take a salt bath and have some natural, raw chocolate. All of these can help you feel less ‘spaced out’ or out of control of your feelings and thoughts.

Protective Shield

Putting up a protective shield is actually quite easy. You are two ways to do this. You can envision a protective white light around you, that blocks out the harsh, negative energies. This white light should radiate outwards to encompass your entire Auric field. The option is to envision a protective bubble around you. Any negativity or unwanted emotions around you will ‘bounce’ off this bubble.

Being an Empath is not always easy, between feeling everyone else’s stuff and often being very misunderstood the life of an Empath may seem like an absolute curse, but by using some of the techniques above your curse can easily become the blessing it was meant to be.

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