The benefits of meditation & yoga inside a crystal grid

crystalsSomething I often recommend to my clients,particularly those that are highly stressed or dealing with serious emotional trauma, is meditation and yoga. Both of these ancient traditions have the most amazing healing benefits and something I practice myself on a regulary basis to keep myself balanced and to assist with keeping my body and mind healthy. Recently though I’ve been practicing my yoga and meditation inside a crystal grid and the difference this makes is immeasurable. I use different grids depending on what I need assistance with. Because I predominately recommend yoga and meditation to clients that are dealing with high stress or emotional trauma I felt the need to share the following crystal options with you to try in your own grid while either meditating or doing yoga or both. If your dealing with a highly stressful situation or healing from an emotionally traumatic event, these crystals can work wonders inside a crystal grid and their properties amplified by combining with meditation and yoga.

High Stress

  • Amethyst – very soothing and calming
  • Aventurine – assists with finding inner peace
  • Larimar – relieves extreme tension and stress
  • Lithium Lepidolite Quartz – soothes the mind and eliminates anxiety
  • Sugilite  – releases fear and anger and eases those stress knots

Emotional Trauma

  • Aquamarine – eases victimised feelings
  • Carnelian – releases trauma
  • Clear Quartz – master healer
  •  Kyanite – relieves shock and eases traumatic feelings
  • Rubelite – heals emotional trauma
  • Rose Quartz – open the heart Chakra and promotes healing
  • Turquoise – heals holes within the aura caused by traumatic events


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