Be Your Perfect Self

PerfectionToday I found myself in the midst of adversity… feelings and emotions that overwhelmed me… it felt as if my entire world “as I know it” just collapsed around me.

I have been practicing Reiki for about two years now, so I asked myself… “how is this possible?” how can all of this come up and stare me in the face… I have been there… I have dealt with this?

But I think my answer is simple… feelings and emotions should be seen and treated for what they are. They should not be suppressed and filed away in a box. They should be felt, processed and accepted for what they are. They help us grow.

Simply “filing something away” does not mean that it doesn’t exist. It is very very real. Ignoring it, does not mean that it will simply go away either.

I am on a Spiritual path… this is not a hobby or a past-time… this was a life changing decision on my part and will be the path that I will walk for the rest of my days.

Not everyone will understand this, neither will everyone agree with this… we are all on the same journey, but how we wish to “take our journey” so to speak, makes us very very different.

I cannot change who and what I am and what I am is a Spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around. I cannot be held liable for everyone’s understanding of how I choose to live my life. Neither can I be held liable for anyone’s happiness.

Each and every one of us has to find our own way… our own perfect fit and this path is my perfect fit. The more we defy God’s infinite plan for our lives, the more unhappy we will be, Spiritually…

Love me and accept me… but whatever you do… do not try to change me…

I guess the message I am trying to give you all is simple…

Whatever you believe, or whatever you practice (Reiki, or Meditation, Yoga etc). We are ultimately still human.

But, find YOURSELF and then be true to who you are. Find your own “perfect fit”.

You will know when you have found it…