Life Of Expectations

UniverseThe events over the past few days got me thinking, or wondering really… How many of us are just prodding along, doing what we have to do, because we feel we do not have a choice? How many of us are living the lives that are expected of us? How many of us portray what our families and friends or even our communities expect of us? Each and every one of us has a unique gift… and how many of us find ourselves employed to do something that we are passionate about? How many of us are living our dreams and how many of us are not following our dreams, out of fear? I know I am guilty… my own fear is my biggest weakness, I feel that I am blinded by it… so much so, that I have become indecisive? But, is it not perhaps time to put our fear aside, step up, own up and change our lives??? I feel that the Universe is calling me… Can you feel it too?