A Spiritual Life in a materialistic world


freeWe live in a world driven by money and material objects.

Yet, many cease to acknowledge that we have to put in just as much time and effort into our Spiritual lives as we pour into everything else, if not more….

I am not suggesting that money is bad, as money is ultimately an exchange of energy. What I am suggesting, is that it should not rule our lives.

Some of the most beautiful things in life are free… take a beautiful sunset as an example…

Many have become so attached to this material world, that they have become disconnected from their Spiritual selves.

Many are in search of something, but they do not know what…

I know, as I was once in search as well… it is inner peace and no material object or any amount of money can provide that for you.

You have to let go and connect with your Spirituality, you have to find your true essence, your life’s purpose and follow a path that nurtures your soul…