Who Am I?


stone_pathThis is an interesting question to ask… one to which many of us do not have a concrete answer.

If you had to strip away everything, from a title as a wife, mother, father or as an M.D. at work and you you strip away money, your car and your home… who are you? What makes you, “You”? Can you honestly answer this question?

Most of us spend our lives being what others perceive us to be, or what is expected from us by our family, friends and even society. Yet, what we are in actual fact doing, is not being true to ourselves. We are projecting what others want to see.

There is ultimately nothing wrong in living our lives like that, but we are ultimately robbing ourselves of true happiness and inner peace. We make everyone around us happy, but what about our souls, our true essence?

Thus, the question is this… do you want to keep the world happy, or do you want to be who our Divine Creator intended for you to be? Do you want to deny yourself of fulfilling your true life’s purpose, by living up to what others expect of you, at the expense of finding your own inner peace?

Although our lives are similar in so many ways, our true life’s journey is very very different. Each of us has a different calling, a different purpose in life. I believe that the only way we can achieve inner peace, is by finding our true life’s purpose and following that path.

The longer we defy the inevitable, the longer we will live an unfulfilled and unhappy life. By setting aside ones fear and accepting our own inner power, we can find the life we were meant to live… a life filled with love, compassion and ultimately… inner peace.