Process your feelings… – A Step in the Right Direction

emotionsYou may wake up one morning, feeling on top of the world just to wake up the following morning, feeling angry or sad for some reason… yet you cannot quite pinpoint why you are feeling that way?

Even after having studied Reiki Healing (which helps you process all of these emotions by the way) I still have my moments (I am also only human, ha ha). But, one very important thing that I have learnt is this… “acceptance”…

When you wake up feeling different than the day before, whether you are feeling sad, angry or just a little “down” don’t judge yourself and don’t be too harsh with yourself. Instead, look within and try to establish why you are feeling that particular way and work through it, accept it and let it go!

If it is unclear to you why you are feeling that way, accept it anyway… we cannot have a good day everyday. Try to look at the bright side… notice the blessings in your life and promise yourself, no matter what… you will rise to the occasion and tomorrow the sun will shine once again!

Most of us are way to quick to judge ourselves, to be too harsh with ourselves and to literally torment ourselves out of utter happiness…

So, let’s strive to take life as it comes, let’s not be our own worst critics and let’s strive to love and cherish the good days and accept the bad days… besides there are more good days than bad ones, don’t you think?

Life is way too short to waste it on criticizing ourselves!

You are unique,
You are special,
You are beautiful!

Now don’t you forget that!

Source: Process your feelings… – A Step in the Right Direction