Necessity Of Death

Graphic1Death can be a pretty touchy subject, some will even avoid it at all costs. However Death is not something we should be fearing, but rather something we could learn to embrace. The Death card in Tarot has one of the most divine lessons to teach us. The core meaning of the Death card is not necessarily about physical death, but rather about letting go and allowing natural death and it’s processes to occur. We all experience death and loss at certain stages within our Life and it is something that is very necessary in order for us to continue along our Paths with as little baggage as possible. To journey through this Life time we need to travel light otherwise we find that we have no room to take on anything else. We find that are unable to cope further with what Life hands us and we become stagnate and this naturally leads us feel unfilled and unhappy with Life.

By learning to let go and keep moving forward regardless of our past is an incredibly powerful lesson and this is one of the core lessons of Death. The other side to this lesson is that Death will happen whether we want it to or not and we find that in times where we are stagnant and not moving forward, Life will step in and start the natural process of Death for us. We find that we lose certain things or people and even certain aspects of ourselves. This is not something to fear or to be scared of. By letting go of the unnecessary or letting Life take away what we no longer need is in fact a true blessing as it leaves room for us add new experiences or people to our Life time. If we don’t have the room for these new experiences we will never have them and find ourselves missing out on a whole lot of our Life experience.

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