Intuition… – A Step in the Right Direction

intuitionHow many of you have heard that little voice within… urging you to do or not to do something? And how many times have you followed that little voice’s guidance?

The Universe has shown me over and over again to trust my intuition. Last year I had an experience where I chose to ignore my intuition and “wrote it off” as my imagination… yet the lesson that was to come, was not an easy one. That incident opened my eyes to the importance of listening to your intuition… following that gut feeling!

Yesterday, the Universe reminded me of this once again and it just made me realize that our Divine Creator will use many different signs and ways of guiding us… to keep us safe and to keep us on the path of divinity.

Yesterday’s experience was a minor thing (not anything like last year!) but here’s what happened… I noticed that my car’s left back tyre was a little flat and although I went out and was close to a Garage, I chose to go back home instead.

But, on the way home… it kept nagging at me to have it checked out, so I did. Just to find that it had a small nail in it (a slow puncture). So I had it fixed and thought about what could have happened… well Monday would have been a really “blue” Monday… as the tyre may have been completely flat and I would probably have been late for work?

But the moral of my story… I decided to follow my intuition and it saved me a lot of trouble! So, even if you think that it is the most trivial thing… listen to your intuition… it won’t mislead you!

Source: Intuition… – A Step in the Right Direction