Life’s Not Complicated, Humans Are

simplicityClaritas was founded on this very Enlightening quote and has become part of the core purpose of Claritas, to bring clarity and peace of mind to the world. Over my 16 odd years of studying and researching the Spiritual aspects of Life this has been the one thing that has made everything else make a whole lot more sense. Life isn’t complicated, in fact Life is pretty easy, but it seems to be part of our Human nature to make it complicated.

So let’s understand a bit more about why we insist on making Life complicated for ourselves. The first thing that would need to be looked at is societal influences. We’re constantly bombarded with the latest trends, what to wear, what to own, who’s who and doing what. We have forgotten our simplicity in all the mindless hype. A lot of our attention and focus is on mundane, material things that don’t really have all that much impact on our lives. So what if you don’t have the latest Gucci shoes, you were blessed with feet, why hide them behind a ‘fancy’ pair of shoes? Another factor to consider is that humans have this idea that they never have enough, they have this increasing need for more stuff. It’s almost as if we are on this ladder that never ends and all you can do is to keep pushing yourself to get to the top. We take on so much unnecessary stress, we sweat the things that are out of our control and avoid the things that are. For centuries we have been making Life far more complicated than it really is. There are other factors that come into the equation as well such as greed, ego and power.

So how do we simplify Life for ourselves? Easy stop complicating matters! Stop worrying about the things that are out of your control, don’t put so much focus and attention on material items, they don’t really enhance your Life all that much. Focus on what is in your control, focus on what you can achieve today, put your energy on creating yourself and becoming the person you want to be, not the person society says you should be. Listen to your Intuition, we were given this phenomenal ability for a reason so use it. We need to all start moving towards a simpler Life, one that isn’t filled with mindless thoughts and useless material items, but one that is filled with experiences and growth from those experiences. Separate yourself from your ego, don’t let it become your driving force and understand that societal ideas of power are just that ideas, they in fact empty and pointless. We should never strive to have power over someone or anything else. We are in charge of our own power, but we should never be more powerful than another. We are all created equal, we are all on the same level as one another, but we allow things like power and greed to blind us to this fact. Put your focus in the right place, throw out the unnecessary and live the simple Life.

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