Conversations With Death

conversationswith deathOne of the most amazing experiences I’ve had during my years of doing readings is connecting with the other side to pass along messages to those that have been left behind. Being predominantly¬† Clairsentient and an Empath I ‘feel’ what is going on for others more than ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ and to be able to ‘feel’ the other side is something that is almost indescribable. To be able to feel the unconditional love of one that passed or the connection between two siblings is a very humbling experience in deed and has opened me up to having a greater understanding of what we as Spiritual Beings are capable of and I can assure you most of us are very far off from where we all should be.

We are all so caught up in our day to day lives, getting up, spending x amount of time in the traffic, sitting in an office all day, going home making dinner, vegging out in front of the TV. We have become so disconnected from our true nature and capabilities. Having connected with the other side where Souls are truly infinite in their power and know and understand this, I have come to realise that we all, as Souls are infinite in our power, but we have become so desensitised to this concept that we seem to go through our Life time with blinkers on most of the time, only focusing on the material aspects of our Life. This is unfortunately what is wrong with the world as a whole, we have become slaves to our material self and we focus on work and how much money we have and what car are driving and we have seem to forgotten the rest of our self.

If I could pass on any knowledge or wisdom from the other side it would be this, you are more than capable of weaving the Life you wish to have, we are in control of our own destinies, we also need to stop blaming others for our decisions and start taking ownership of them instead. Utilise what has been given to you, learn from your experiences and treasure your day to day moments even the small ones. We are so capable of loving unconditionally and if we can all relax and let go of our insecurities and learn to give and receive on an unconditional basis the world will move forward as it is meant to.

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