Healing Message For November 2015

energy-healing“D = S – M”

I’m currently reading an exquisite book – Your Soular System by Everard S. Polakow. The book essential gives the reader thirteen tools to use so that one can introspectively analyse themselves and where they are with regards to their Spiritual evolution. He basis quite a bit of the book on the works of Viktor Frankl, a senior academic of Neuropsychiatry who was incarcerated in various concentration camps during the holocaust. This month I wanted to share one of his thirteen tools with you, that highly scientific looking formula at the top of this message would be the tool. Now don’t worry it’s not a highly complex formula that one would need a degree to decipher, infact it’s a rather simple formula, but one that resonate strongly with me and I felt it was worth sharing.

So what is with the whole D = S – M while like I said it’s simple D is Despair, S is Suffering and M is Meaning. So in essence the formula means Despairing equals Suffering without Meaning. The formula was conceived by Viktor Frankl who in fact did despair and suffer during his incarceration and his life has no real meaning to it any more. This month I want you to ask yourself some questions, these are based on Everard’s book, “What is my unique meaning to and of life?” “Am I despairing?” “Am I suffering?” and “Does my life have any meaning? If so, What is it?” This month I want you to be able to turn this formula around, I want you to find meaning and purpose in your life, I want you to be able to overcome your despair and suffering as Viktor Frankl did when he found meaning to his life while in the concentration camps. I want you to take a good long look at yourself and see where you are despairing and suffering and I want you to take the meaning you have found in your life and replace that despair and suffering with meaning. A life with purpose and meaning is a life fulfilled and once we can find meaning all the despair and suffering seems to become simple challenges put there to help us grow and evolve.

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