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As most of us know it was recently Thanksgiving in America. Now I’ll be honest I’m not entirely clued up on the whole idea and history of Thanksgiving, but I get the basic princple – be thankful! As we fast approach the close of 2015 and find ourselves venturing into 2016 the message of being thankful or gratitude seemed a pretty good one to share for this month. The end of a year is always a great time to stop, take a bit of a step back and have a look down our life line to see what all we did this year. This usually entails both the good, the bad and “eish” the embarressing. I’d like you to try something different this year, definitely have a skquizz back at the year that has past, but look at it differently. Instead of seeing the mistakes and stupid ideas, see the lessons and the growth, see the opportunities they opened up instead. If you hadn’t accidently spilt coffee all over your bosses proposals, perhaps you wouldn’t have had to spend the night working late with “Mr Grumpy Pants”, but you also would never have learnt that he’s Yoga Master in his spare time. It’s time to do your annualy (should be daily) Gratitude List. Here’s a few List ideas I’ve put together for you, some of these are from my own List.

A Fresh Start

Every morning when we take a breath and open our eyes, we have once again been handed a blessing. We’ve been given not just a new day, but a fresh start. Every day you are handed a new slate, show gratitude and paint something awesome on that slate.

Them Special Ones

We all have at least one of Them, those totally fabulous people or pets that we surround ourselves with. They are the ones that lift us up when we’re down, they are the ‘5L tub of ice-cream’ kinda Them that makes all your troubles seem so simple. Pop them onto your List with dash of respect and a whole lot of unconditional love.

The Simple Things

For the coffe junkies there is just nothing like that fresh cup of Java first thing in the morning, just the smell of it brewing is enough to put you in happy mode. Relish in the small things, make a moment of it and make each moment unique.

What You Have

If you have a roof over your head, running water and food on the table you have a lot more than most of the people on the planet. Show your Gratitude by sharing when you can and by not focusing and stressing over what you don’t have.

The Coincendences

They happen more often than we realise, those moments when we just know the Universe has it’s hand in what is playing out in front of you. You can see just exactly how the pieces of the moment where put together. These are moments to treasure and acknowledge.

Well I think I’ve given you all enough of a head start on your Lists, go forth my lovelies, step off the cliff and venture off to see what 2016 holds for you.

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