The Responsibility of Nine

Responsibility2016 is a nine year something I made mention of in an interview I did earlier this year. In the last couple of weeks I’ve come to realise just how strong the influences of the number nine actually are. I’ve also had a lot of people telling me it’s a number they are seeing almost everywhere. So what does a nine year mean for the lot of us? Well quite simply put it’s all about taking responsibility. 2016 is the year where you need step up and take ownership for who and what you are. If you fail to do so, the Universe will be dealing with you and the nine seems to be quite serious about business here.

But the other thing I have noticed is that the minute one starts to take responsibility life just starts to move forward for them and we get to see the other aspects of the nine year, namely progress, attainment and achievement. Things fall into place and doors begin to open as they’re needed and all of this seems to happen at an incredible rate.

So let’s relate the nine year to the lesson of the number nine in the Tarot – dealing with the consequences. On a daily basis we make hundreds of different decisions, what to have for lunch, should I sleep those extra ten minutes, should I quit my job? At some stage you will need to deal with the consequences of your decisions. These could come up instantly or they could happen in 20 years time, but we will need to be held accountable at some stage for the decisions we make.

So 2016 being a nine year is going to do just that, hold us accountable for our decisions and looking at the trends I’ve seen this year I would say people are having to take responsibility for the really big decisions they have made over the last while and those that are still blaming others for things that have happened to them are very stuck and stagnate with little to no progress happening. The latter also seem to be hitting hard bouts of depression, and life just doesn’t seem to be working for them. So bear this in mind, if life if fighting you, it’s because you’re essentially fighting it.

The nine year requires you to kind of go with the flow and be open and of course to take responsibility. So take charge of who you are and who you are meant to be. The time for blaming others for your circumstances is over it’s now time to deal with life and be accountable.

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