Understanding The Magician

the_magicianIn a reading I had done last year December it was explained that I essentially need to become as the High Priestess as part of my role and purpose in this lifetime. It’s a goal that resonates with me quite strongly. So this is where my journey is ultimately leading to. Journeying to the High Priestess, however I must first understand my counterpart – The Magician.

In the last few months, and in particular since I leaped off the proverbial cliff as The Fool in August to start this venture, I have encountered numerous Magicians, in fact at the moment I seem to be surrounded by them, each teaching me a different lesson and each broaden my level of wisdom and understanding. How this knowledge and wisdom is passed on varies from Magician to Magician. Some have taught me through music, some through writing and others through bizarre, mind-bending conversations that seem to just lay everything out for me in crystal clear clarity.

The other night I had quite an interesting experience while listening to two Magicians mixing music together. It was in that moment that I understood the importance of the Magician not just on my path but for the world as a whole. I came to the realisation that we as women and society as a whole have all but snuffed out the core purpose of a Magician, to create. We have done this by forcing them into boxes of conformity and taking advantage of their seemingly infinite supply of energy and good-natured personalities.

The Magician has become very misunderstood and they feel like a dying breed and I believe this is part of why the world is in turmoil. I also realised though that these guys are starting to fight back against the system that has enslaved them for so long. These guys are currently on fire and we as women and society have to allow these Magicians to begin creating again and allow their natural gifts to flourish and the world will find balance.

It is also interesting to note that almost all of the readings I have done this year there has been a strong manifesting energy that has come up allowing women, in particular to bring about and acquire everything they could possibly want or need just from sheer thought and simple focus of energy. It seems our Magicians are getting ready to change the world for the better and are currently outputting some fantastic energy with which we can weave our requirements. This can be short lived though as I fear our currently energetic Magicians are burning themselves out. We need to give our Magicians the space and room to do what they need to do so that they can step into their role of creator once more and set the world back onto its correct path. As I said our Magicians are currently on fire and they’re ready to change the world if they are allowed the space to do it.

So if you happen to have a Magician lingering around in your life treat him with unconditional love and respect and give him the space and support to reach for his dreams no matter how odd, far out or crazy they may seem and allow him to become the man he was intended for – The Magician.

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