A Weekend With The High Priestess

high_priestessBeautiful Goddess how exquisite you are, your depth of wisdom running at a level that is almost non-comprehendible and leaves one asking them self if they just heard right. I got the amazing experience of spending my last weekend in South Africa with three phenomenal women, one a very close friend of mine and the other two I had lovely pleasure of meeting for the first time. I would never have thought a simple, relaxed girls weekend away would turn out to be one of the most enlightening experiences I have had to date.

I’ve written previously about my encounter with the Magician and my personal journey to emulate the aspects of the High Priestess as part of my purpose in this lifetime. The subliminal messages and blatant guidance I received this weekend I will carry with me on this path gratefully. I very clearly spent the weekend with three High Priestesses, Souls that are one and the same as myself and they too, serve a beautiful purpose in this lifetime.

A woman of great wisdom and mystery the High Priestess  teaches us of our beginning and our unrealized potential and how we can tap into this potential. She is all about duality, light and dark and shows us that we need both aspects of ourselves and that we should embrace both our shadow

as much as we do our light. Know that her wisdom is infinite and the High Priestess holds the many secrets of Life, secrets she is willing to share all we need to do is listen.

In order to make steady progress on our journey through Life, we need to not only ‘read’ the book of

knowledge the High Priestess holds, but also to understand it. The book of knowledge is our Soul, who we truly are and by understanding this, our progress along our path becomes swifter and simpler.

Should you ever have the incredible experience of meeting a High Priestess listen closely as she will be dropping pearls of wisdom vital to your path. All that you need to do in return is pay attention, utilise the wisdom she gives you and treat her with the utmost respect because these sensational Souls have been placed here to help move the world forward again. We are here to join forces with the magical power of the Magician and create a World that is balanced, progressive and wise.

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