Journey To Hanoi

journey-to-hanoi-first-stepHaving set off on my little journey roughly three months ago when I got on a plane to Cape Town, South Africa, from Johannesburg. I was closing the door on a few things, my ten-year relationship, aspects of myself and very clearly my comfort zone. I can still maintain that what I did three months ago was still one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. As I sit in here in the incredible city of Hanoi, Vietnam with bags packed once again and ready for the next step of my adventure I can safely say my journey so far has been an epic one. A Soul stretch was what I was looking for and a Soul stretch is indeed what I’m getting. I’ve done some of my best work here in Hanoi and I’ve had some the most mind-blowing spiritual experiences since leaving Johannesburg.

When I ventured off from Johannesburg it was with the intention of doing an English Teaching course and then coming to Hanoi to teach and I can definitely say I have achieved this. I aced my TESOL course in Cape Town and landed a stunning job at a Kindergarten here in Hanoi within the first few days of being here, but I can now honestly say that teaching English is not my thing, but teaching most certainly is. The one biggest lesson I’ve learnt while teaching both English and Spiritually here in Hanoi is that I am most definitely a Spiritual Teacher. When I made this realisation and felt at peace with it the Universe once again opened doors for me and I now find myself leaving Hanoi bright and early tomorrow morning to fly to the beautiful city of Da Nang, Vietnam to spend twenty days there and from there I’m off to a different country altogether.

I plan to continue my work while I’m in Da Nang and as I venture from one country to the next as this is very clearly what I am for. Being allowed the privilege to touch people’s lives in a positive way and assist them in giving them direction and guidance, is something I hold very close to my heart and being able to do that while travelling the world is just fantastic, I wouldn’t trade my current lifestyle for anything. Clearly, a traveller I have become, a traveller that has the pleasure of seeing the world, meeting phenomenal people and doing what I love. I have always loved my work but I do believe that being able to stretch my work across continents and hemispheres has given me a new found love and respect for what I do.

As much as I have had companions on my journey so far Claritas been my one consistent travel companion and as my next adventure begins as a solo one I know I will never be alone as I will always have what I do with me. With Tarot cards in hand and a new found wisdom, I welcome the next stage of my travels with open arms and an open mind. I trust that my adventures in Da Nang will be just as inspiring and beautiful as my adventures here in Hanoi. Hanoi it’s been quite the ride and you have shown me much kindness and I leave you with an immense amount of gratitude for this. I will carry your lessons close to my heart and for the beautiful Souls I have met while here I hope our paths will cross again in the future. I once again find myself closing doors on another chapter on my Adventure of a Life Time and I comfortably step through the next open door to see what’s on the other side. Let’s see what the Universe has to offer me in the next chapter of my adventure.

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