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Tarot In VietnamWhen I first arrived in Vietnam it didn’t specifically occur to me to see if Tarot was a thing here or not I merely assumed it wouldn’t really be. Perhaps a bit of western ignorance on my part and I was focussed on trying the English teaching thing out and had in a sense put my readings on a bit of a back burner. When it was suggested to me though to have a look into it and see if it was something here I took it as a bit of universal direction and started doing some research.

It didn’t take me long to learn that Tarot was in fact quite a popular craft here in Vietnam and that actual Tarot Cafes existed in both Hanoi, where I was based and in Ho Chi Minh City. My interested was very obviously piqued and when a post was shared with me on Facebook for a Tarot Cafe that was having a sale on their Tarot Cards I knew I just had to pay a visit to this Tarot Cafe and oh wow no regrets what so ever.

My visit with M’s Tarot Cafe in Hai Bà Trưng, Hanoi was nothing short of enlightening. Having the opportunity to connect with Readers from a completely different country and culture was just fantastic and gave me the opportunity to expand on my knowledge of the Tarot and to pass on some of my own knowledge. I was even invited to give input into a session for a young girl that was purchasing a set of cards for the first time, a seriously great honour to be included in something like this.

Well there one of the Readers, known as The Joker, pointed out a set of Tarot Cards to me – The Gothic Tarot, by Anne Stokes. He told me that, that set of cards would suit me well and I’ll be honest this caught my attention big time, it had been years since I purchased a set of Tarot Cards for myself. When I asked to look at the set of cards and a bolt of energy surged into my hand and through my body I knew that The Joker was in fact, correct and I knew I had just acquired another Tarot set to add to my beautiful collection and my experience with my Gothic Tarot so far has been nothing short of  awesome and enlightening.

The biggest things I took away from my visit with M’s and beautiful Readers there is that as a Reader and Spiritual Teacher you will always have something new to learn, I also learnt a new found respect for my craft and most importantly I learnt that Tarot is indeed a universal language of its own. Tarot is Tarot no matter where you go in the World and the purpose is always the same, to give guidance and wisdom so that others may grow and prosper along their path. I look forward to building on the friendships I formed with the Readers at M’s and I hope to continue learning from them. I also look forward to meeting other Readers along my journey and I will most certainly be stopping in as many Tarot places as I can as I venture from country to country.

If you ever have the chance to visit Vietnam and Tarot is a subject that you enjoy I highly recommend paying a visit to one of the Tarot Cafes there, in particular, pay a visit to M’s Tarot Cafe in Hanoi, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and they have much wisdom and knowledge to share with those that are willing to listen.

Regardless of where you are from or the language you speak there is always a way to communicate across borders and cultures and Tarot is indeed an exquisite way to do this. Man, I love I what I do, a Tarot Reader I most certainly am and I’m proud to be one and should I be fortune enough to visit the city of Hanoi again in the future M’s Tarot Cafe will most certainly be one of the first places I visit.

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