The Pros & Cons of Living Intuitively

20161103_100800Over the years I’ve been reading for other people and assisting them on their path, there has always been one consistent message I give to most of my clients and that is to trust their gut and live life intuitively. I can honestly say that for most of my life I haven’t exactly practised what I preach. Living life intuitively is quite the scary way to live. Choosing to throw caution to the wind recently and start living my life intuitive was a huge step for me and something I now strive to maintain on a daily basis, challenging as it is. So what are the pros and cons of living life this way?

The Upside


Doors Will Open

Trusting your gut and going with the flow definitely opens new doors for you, perhaps doors you never considered would even be an option. In my personal experience of living intuitively so far, these doors open smoothly and consistently and with very little effort required on your part. This is the catch though you need to trust your intuition that these doors that are opening are in fact the doors you need to be walking through. With each door that has opened and I’ve walked through new ones have continued to opened. It becomes quite the experience especially when you’re aware and conscious of what these doors are where they are taking you. There are days where I can almost see a clear path and direction that I’m being lead in, it certainly adds an exciting element to life.



Living intuitively I’ve found that I’ve grown immensely not just maturity wise but on a much deeper spiritual level as well. My knowledge and understanding of life and how it works and how best to work with life has become much easier to understand. The previous struggles and challenges that I dealt with have become opportunities for growth and welcome the new challenges life hands me on a daily basis.


You Have Everything

One thing I definitely have noticed is that I am always consistently looked after, everything that I need always comes around at the right time. Most of the time from unexpected places, but without fail, I have all that I need and I have yet to go without or struggle. Being able to manifest what I need is all part of living intuitively and more specifically living in faith. Each day I wake up I know that I will be more than okay and that I will not have to stress or worry if I will be okay. Yes the universe does test me on this one though and some days it does give me moments where I do questions or feel a little uncertain, but in general I never need to question or second guess if I will be looked after. The universe definitely has your back and when you live with a high level of awareness you see this daily in the regular miracles that happen and you get a really great glimpse into how the miracle has actually played out and how it all fits together. There are days where the miracles are so blatantly that all I can do, aside from be grateful, is smile and have a good laugh at just how perfectly it all flows.



Living intuitively is very much the same as living with a high level of faith. Now by faith I am not referring to a specific religious belief, what I mean by faith is trusting in yourself and believing in yourself and your capabilities and also having faith in the universe or your higher power and being able to trust that higher power. Living in faith is always quite the challenge but it’s not impossible in fact it’s actually a really beautiful way to live and it definitely allows life to flow a lot more smoothly. Living in faith is a great way to do life and it ties in perfectly with living intuitively.


The Downside


Not Everyone Will Understand

Not everyone is going to relate to or understand your way of living, in fact, a lot of people will think you’re a little crazy, irresponsible or just downright reckless. Living life without question and going with the flow and not really seeming to be too stressed or worried about what will come next seems to freak a lot of people out. It’s not always going to be easy to not let other people’s judgements get to you though and likely people will criticise you quite harshly. Always remember though that it’s your path and your journey and it’s not for another to judge this. Stand strong in your intuitive way of living and remember you have nothing to prove to anyone else but yourself.


It’s Terrifying

In all honestly living life this way is hugely terrifying, you don’t actually know from one day to the next what challenges you’ll be facing and you need to just trust constantly that you will be fine and that everything is, in fact working out as it needs to. This is where faith becomes a big aspect of this kind of life. You need to have faith that you are on the right track and the path you are on is correct. If it feels incorrect then it likely is, but if it feels right and scary then you can be assured you’re on track.


Lost In Translation

Sometimes intuitive messages get a little confused or we don’t fully understand the message or direction we have been given and this can cause a bit of havoc on your path. Always remember though that there is no real right or wrong answer when living intuitively and you can trust that your inner guidance will always steer you back to the path you are meant to be on, just remember not to fight it when it does otherwise it will fight you.


So yes living the intuitive life does come with its challenges, but I can safely assure you that it is the right way to live and what a beautiful way to do life. Live free my lovelies and live true to yourself, follow your path with faith and grace and the universe will ensure you are blessed and well looked after.

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