Hallucinogenic High Priestess – Crowd Funding Campaign

Hallucinogenic High Priestess – Crowd Funding Campaign

I have recently had the fortunate experience of authoring my first book – Hallucinogenic High Priestess. The book is based on my own personal story of transformation and growth. Last year I took a bold decision to walk away from an unhealthy ten-year relationship and put myself onto a plane to Vietnam. Little did I know that when I took that decision, all those months ago, that I would be stepping into what has the biggest transformation I have experienced so far. My journey has included some rather ‘bizarre’ experiences and situations such as seeing winged shadows flying across my friend’s room to manifesting the impossible for myself. My journey has included my experiences with Plant Medicine and various other hallucinogenics that have assisted me along my path. The synchronicities I have bared witness to have only amplified my faith. I have come to learn that living life intuitively is indeed a challenge, but it is also a very profound and beautiful way to live.

I have now taken my experiences and lessons and I have chosen to share them with the world in the hopes that my story will inspire others to make the changes they need for themselves. That it will give others the courage to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the life they chose to live. My book is a deep and intimate story that I want to share with others.

I am running a crowd funding campaign to help raise the funds needed to launch and publish my book. You can view my campaign here and donate towards the launch of my book. 

I know without question that I have walked the path I have so that I may become a better Spiritual Guide and Teacher to others. Everything in life happens for a reason, there is no such thing as coincidence. I have opened up pre-orders for my book in South Africa and I will be publishing my book on international platforms within the next few weeks. If my book lands in your hand you can be sure that it is for a good reason.

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