Hallucinogenic High Priestess – Crowd Funding Campaign


I have recently had the fortunate experience of authoring my first book – Hallucinogenic High Priestess. The book is based on my own personal story of transformation and growth. Last year I took a bold decision to walk away from … Read More

Tarot In Vietnam


  When I first arrived in Vietnam it didn’t specifically occur to me to see if Tarot was a thing here or not I merely assumed it wouldn’t really be. Perhaps a bit of western ignorance on my part and … Read More

Journey To Hanoi


Having set off on my little journey roughly three months ago when I got on a plane to Cape Town, South Africa, from Johannesburg. I was closing the door on a few things, my ten-year relationship, aspects of myself and … Read More

Questioning The Tarot


Whether you’re reading for yourself or you have your cards read for you by a professional reader either way to get the most out of your reading, you’ll want to pay particular attention to what you’re asking and how you’re … Read More

Something Medieval This Way Comes!


Join me at the #MedievalBanquet market at Her Majesty’s Kyalami on the 4th of June! This promises to be an awesome event with fantastic themed games, events and stall holders – definitely not to be missed! Come sit with me … Read More

The Art Of Tarot


From January 2016 my Art of Tarot courses will be changing somewhat and some new and exciting developments will be happening. The Beginners and Advanced courses will be falling away and I will be offering the Complete course only which … Read More

Card For December


‘Seven Of Wands’ This months card is from the Revelations Tarot deck by Zack Wong. When the Seven of Wands comes up it is usually a reminder that we have the upper hand and that it is time to stand … Read More

My Lessons From The Tarot

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My journey with the Tarot up till now has been more than enlightening, it’s been frustrating, inspiring, beautiful and even annoying. But one thing has been a constant, over the years the Tarot has taught numerous valuable Life lessons, whether … Read More