The Pros & Cons of Living Intuitively


Over the years I’ve been reading for other people and assisting them on their path, there has always been one consistent message I give to most of my clients and that is to trust their gut and live life intuitively. … Read More

Conversations With Death


One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had during my years of doing readings is connecting with the other side to pass along messages to those that have been left behind. Being predominantly¬† Clairsentient and an Empath I ‘feel’ what … Read More

Intuition… – A Step in the Right Direction


How many of you have heard that little voice within… urging you to do or not to do something? And how many times have you followed that little voice’s guidance? The Universe has shown me over and over again to … Read More

Process your feelings… – A Step in the Right Direction


You may wake up one morning, feeling on top of the world just to wake up the following morning, feeling angry or sad for some reason… yet you cannot quite pinpoint why you are feeling that way? Even after having … Read More



Life is ever changing and so are we. You may look back at your life and realise that you are not the same person you were ten years ago. We learn and grow daily, we are forever changing and evolving. … Read More

Staying Balanced


  Staying balanced and on your true path can be challenging at times, as we face different situations on a daily basis. I think the important thing to remember, is to have a vision and a goal and never to … Read More

My Lessons From The Tarot

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My journey with the Tarot up till now has been more than enlightening, it’s been frustrating, inspiring, beautiful and even annoying. But one thing has been a constant, over the years the Tarot has taught numerous valuable Life lessons, whether … Read More