Hallucinogenic High Priestess EBook


The journey of an everyday woman with incredible gifts. A personal and intimate story of transformation and growth. With the Tarot, intuition and plant medicine as guides. This tumultuous journey brings insights into living intuitively and how profound change can impact positively on one’s own journey. A journey of wisdom and Universal humour with a touch of romance.

Hallucinogenic High Priestess is based on Tam Brown’s personal journey of spiritual transformation. In the book she shares her insights into transformation, living intuitively and her personal experience with hallucinogenics and plant medicine and how these have impacted on her journey. The High Priestess aspect is taken from the High Priestess card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. The High Priestess is known as the ultimate spiritual guide and teacher, which Tam understands to be her purpose here in this lifetime.

“As a Spiritual Guide and Teacher to others, one needs to practice what they teacher. This was the reason for me stepping off the proverbial cliff months ago and stepping off into what has been my biggest transformation journey yet. My hope is that anyone who reads this book will be inspired to make the changes they require in order to better their lives and that it may teach others to step outside of their fears and insecurities and embrace life in an intuitive manner. Living life intuitively is possibly one the most beautiful and profound ways to live.” Tam Brown